This month we have a special blog from our client and food and fitness friend –  Jane Norcott – Jane specialises in anti-inflammatory foods and plant based nutrition. She is a keen organic gardener and cook, animal advocate and lover of life with 20 years healthy lifestyle experience.  She loves sharing her knowledge, inspiring and educating others on how to live life with energy and vitality through developing lifelong healthy habits.


Jane’s philosophy focuses on continual lifelong development as she works towards supporting the wellbeing of others through empowerment, sharing her knowledge and passion for life.


Making the decision to kick old unhealthy habits and rev up a new and/or improved healthful lifestyle is one of the most important decisions that you’ll make! Kick starting healthy habits will add energy and zest to your life! And guess what it doesn’t have to be complicated!
~Healthy isn’t a fad or a trend – it’s part of your lifestyle~
~You’ve got to move it, move it~
It doesn’t matter what level of health and fitness you are currently, remember we all started somewhere and now is your time to get started.
Find an activity that YOU like or rather LOVE to do, and get moving! Walking, stretching, hiking, swimming, rock climbing or dancing in your living room! Science has proven that moving and being physically active increases those feel-good hormones, lifts your mood and expends energy. And the outcome of moving is going to be a healthier body and mind.
Incidental exercise also counts and is easy to include into your everyday life. A few easy tips include: parking further from work and walking, getting off the bus a few stops earlier, taking stairs, leaving your car at home and ride – this one will also save you some money!!
~Without a goal there is no focus~
Your first healthful action is to set some goals – and I’m talking about realistic goals that you can commit too!
Write a short list of 3 to 4 unhealthy habits that you would like to kick to the curb and replace these with 3 to 4 healthy habits that you have decided MUST be in life.
Look at your list every morning to set that healthy tone for your day. Use your list for the next 3 to 4 weeks to get into your new healthier routine and once you smashed these goals replace them with new ones – then repeat the process and load up on those new healthy habits.
~Load up on antioxidant rich foods~
If you don’t want to rust away (oxidise) then include the right fuel into your daily nutrition. This includes every vegetable and fruit you can get your hands on, and the more colour the better! Make sure you are including fresh, seasonal foods to every meal.
Looking to include some of the most powerful foods into your day? Then you got to get your hands on those greens and berries. Although I do recommend a variety, the greens and berries are the BIG GUNS in terms of nutrient density. Veggies and fruits also contain loads of water, so the more you eat the better hydrated you’ll be!
~Seek support and ask for help~
It’s ok to feel stuck and not be sure on how to kickstart your new healthy habits. This is were support comes to the rescue!
Building a supportive community is one of the most powerful tools you can use. Support comes in many forms including friends, family and work colleagues, personal coaches and attending local support groups.
Let these amazing people around you know that you are ready for a healthy change and that you need some support. You’d be surprised at how many people are there to help you and most likely they would love to join you on your new and improved healthful lifestyle!
Lastly remember that building habits can take time and this is where longevity comes into play – so be
patient and give yourself time!
If you are looking for more food and fitness tips you can visit Jane’s website:  – you’ll find a heap of FREE recipes and fitness programs!
Jane is a qualified Nutritionist and Fitness Coach and also provides personal one-on-one coaching.