Our Fee For Service Offering

There are two types of service offered by Money Mechanics our one-off strategic advice and our ongoing strategic advice service as detailed below.

What are the services offered?

One-off strategic advice / mentoring / coaching service:


  • Our terms of engagement is an instruction to provide advice, the scope of which is determined by you. For example this could be strategic advice on salary sacrifice, a check up on your current investment strategy or wealth creation plans, review of your current investment property, estimates of your defined benefit superannuation, or review of your current self managed superannuation fund.
  • This advice is not comprehensive advice and will focus only on the issues requested by you.
  • Our fee is calculated by multiplying time spent by our hourly rate.
  • To help manage your budget you can nominate a ceiling on the amount of time to be spent on providing advice.
  • Our ten-point promise is provided to clearly document what you can expect as a minimum from Money Mechanics.
Ongoing strategic advice service:


  • This service is provided to clients who would like a financial plan developed along with ongoing review and advice services. For example this could be the creation of a plan to achieve financial independence, income for long term retirement, investment and strategy advice for lump sum, or taking over these services for an existing portfolio of investments which you have in place.
  • The terms of engagement are a fixed price, open-ended agreement, providing a set of services for an agreed fee.
  • You may request additional services by notifying your adviser at any time.
  • The service period is ‘open ended’ meaning that our work will continue unless you specifically ask us to stop.
  • The annual fee can be paid monthly by deduction from a bank account or annually in advance by credit card, direct debit or cheque.
  • You may stop the service at any time, however there is a 30 day transfer period and we will require you to pay any outstanding amounts.
  • Our ten-point promise is provided to clearly document what you can expect as a minimum from Money Mechanics.
Our Ten Point Promise

Imagine… For just a moment… That you are in our shoes…

You take a lot of pride in your work, work hard to keep abreast of happenings in the financial services industry, are technically competent at what you do, and are happy to guarantee your work. How would you achieve that without assuming responsibility for the behaviour of the things you cannot directly control such as investment markets, or yet-to-be-known legislative changes, or anything else beyond your influence?

Our answer to this is to base our service promise on what we can directly control.

At Money Mechanics we unfortunately have no control over the economy, the investment markets or how your investments will perform.

Our relationship with you is a partnership. As such we will provide advice, mentoring and coaching and you will have the ultimate choice as to whether you implement the advice.

The Money Mechanics 10 Point Promise

  1. We promise to help you to feel empowered and in control of your financial matters so that you experience minimum worry.
  2. We promise to take our fiduciary duty very seriously by placing your interests first and ensuring confidentiality and professionalism at all times.
  3. We promise to be available and keep our promised minimum number of appointments per year.
  4. We promise to return all phone calls or emails within 48 hours.
  5. We promise to be honest and upfront with you if your goals and objectives are in conflict or are unachievable; and promise never to judge your dreams or wants.
  6. We promise to ‘know you as our client’ and ‘know the product’ before we make a recommendation to you.
  7. We will keep you informed annually of your progress towards your financial goals.
  8. We promise to document all strategy discussions in a clear, concise and effective manner.
  9. We promise to provide explanations until you understand it.
  10. We promise to leave the ultimate decision up to you.