Financial Life Planning

What is Financial Life Planning?

Financial Life Planning is the process of helping to formulate a financial plan to help you achieve your life goals. These life goals can be cover a number of areas from investment and retirement to leisure and travel. See our podcast below to help you unpack your goals.

We recommend a values based approach to financial life planning. This means helping you to understand your relationship and habits around money. Once we understand this, we can identify the gaps and ensure you develop the right habits to achieve your financial life plan.

Values based Financial Life Planning

Values based financial life planning looks at your upbringing and how that has impacted your attitudes and behaviours around money. Our framework helps to understand the causes of these behaviours which allows you to ensure your habits and behaviours around money are aligned to you true values. This ensures a good balance between budgeting and living life to the full

Our financial life planning process starts with asking you the right questions to help understand your underlying habits, attitudes and relationship to money that drives your behaviour.

Scott Malcolm
 Defining your relationship with Money

Defining your relationship with Money

As part of the financial planning process, we invite clients to participate in a money type quiz. This helps to understand subconscious patterns and behaviours around money. Simply stated, our relationship with money shows us “where we are”. This enables us to change our behavior as we become more aware.

Financial Planning Process

The following diagram represents the financial planning process and should be viewed as a fluid approach as things change in your life.

The areas above are explored when we look at your financial planning needs and habits and attitudes towards money. Furthermore, we look at what you are trying to achieve with the Who, What, Where, When and Why this is important to you. This may be a specific financial goal you have. What is most important is alignment to what you value and the role money plays in your life (your money stories).

Financial Planning Process
Holistic Approach

Taking a Holistic Approach

As we take a holistic approach to financial planning philosophy, we believe it is important to work with you, alongside your existing professional advisers (may include your accountant, estate planning specialist and mortgage broker).

This collaboration ensures we address your financial and budgeting needs and are aligned with the key financial and estate advisors you work with.


“Money Mechanics gave me a solid strategy which I have started implementing. I can’t fault that for value plus service. I consider this money well spent.”

Cherry | 65+ years old

“Money Mechanics was exceptional. Their advice was accurate and timely and the information provided was of a very high standard. They are friendly, professional and trusted, I would have no hesitation recommending them.”

Caroline | 35-45 years old

“Fabulous, empathetic and extremely well informed. Money Mechanics helps you make confident decisions by understanding all options and consequences of each. Can’t recommend him highly enough.”
Kathryn | 35-45 years old

Money Mechanics takes a holistic approach and gives real world advice. They are understanding, empowering and encouraging and have helped me understand money, take control of what I have and grow it in a way that works with the sort of person I am. They are fantastic.”
Jane | 46-55 years old

“Scott is very knowledgable and helpful. He does a very good job explaining things that may be hard to understand for less savvy or financially inclined people. He is very easy to talk to and is very understanding and relatable.”
Jason | 35-45 years old

“Money Mechanics advice was reassuring during a time of great potential change to my working life and impending retirement. I greatly valued the knowledge and expertise they offered. Scott came highly recommended and I’d certainly recommend him highly to anyone seeking financial advice. “
Carmel | 56-65 years old

“Very personable. Scott treated us as individuals. He was very down-to-earth and gave us clear explanations. He saw immediate potential for improvement in our situation and gave us some tangible actions at the meeting and in the follow-up. I really appreciated that he is not judgemental of our situation or values.”
David 46-55 years old

“Money Mechanics provided advice on setting up a Self Managed Super Fund including purchasing property and developing an investment strategy. Scott spent many hours explaining the ins and outs of the fund, simplifying complex structures, and ultimately guided us through the entire process to make sure the solution was right for what we need. “
Tait | 46-55 years old

“I find Scott’s help very clear and informative. He looks at every possibility and gives a very clear and understandable explanation of all aspects of the process.”

“Scott’s personal style helps me focus on what I most want for the coming years and how I can make that happen.”

“Excellent presenter and empowering material brilliant”

“I’ve been given excellent insights on a lot about financial matters that were very abstract to me that I can use.”

“Scott is an amazing teacher and makes money not so scary. He knows his subject very well.”

“Scott is extremely well versed in finance. People can learn a great deal from him.”

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Strategic Financial Advice

Money Mechanics Financial Advisors provides strategic financial advice for individuals, businesses and families. This includes:

One-off strategic advice – this may be as simple as 1-2 meetings between you and Money Mechanics (other financial advisors included where appropriate).

Ongoing strategic advice – this entails regular reviews of your financial life goals and strategies to ensure they are focused on achieving your desired outcomes.

Our focus is always the same, to allow you to feel empowered and in control of your financial matters with minimum worry.