Strategic Financial Planner Canberra

Money Mechanics was founded in 2009 and are licensed financial advisers in Canberra. We work with individuals, public servants, business owners and families and act as their financial partner in life.

As part of our financial planning services, we develop strategies for clients to effectively manage tax and personal and business cashflow. We help clients manage their Superannuation. Plan for their retirement. Identify opportunities to leverage Self Managed Super Funds. Provide financial advice to ensure investments are best adapted to their situation. We ensure clients’ assets are secured and the right framework is in place to protect them should any unexpected life events happen that may impact their broader financial plans.

The Money Mechanics financial planning team in Canberra provide tailored advice for individuals, families and businesses at every stage.

What does a Financial Planner do?

A financial planner helps you manage your finances effectively to instil confidence in your financial decisions. Certified Financial Planners assist clients by:

  • Assessing your financial position
  • Recommending strategies to improve grow wealth and build for retirement
  • Acting as your trusted financial partner in life
  • Ensure you are protected in the case of unexpected events that may impact your finances

Money Mechanics has a proven method to build wealth for clients and helping them make the right financial decisions for their situation.

How do Financial Planners in Canberra charge?

Financial planners work in a variety of ways. This includes taking a percentage of people’s investment assets that they manage on your behalf. This is a commission they receive from respective financial products which can lead to selection bias.

At Money Mechanics, we believe in advice without commission influencing our decisions. To ensure this, we charge a fixed rate for services which includes a financial plan and regular reviews throughout the year to ensure our clients are on track to achieve their financial goals.

Receive a No Charge Financial Assessment

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Money Mechanics Financial Planners Canberra Location

Money Mechanics location in Canberra is – 9/2 Phillip Law St, Canberra ACT 2601