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Established by Scott Malcolm in 2009, Money Mechanics are specialist financial life planners in the areas of:

Our values based financial life planning approach brings together technical financial expertise and the human touch to create a financial planning solution tailored towards your overall life goals.

We have a unique fee for service financial advice menu so you can choose how we work together based on a fixed hourly rate.

We choose to not take upfront or ongoing commission on investment products, to provide our clients with a clear understanding and transparency of what fees they are paying and what they are paying for.


To educate and empower Australian’s around their finances.


To educate and inspire people around their money, so that they can live a rich life


  • Strive for excellence;
  • Empower and educate;
  • Innovate and provide a proactive approach;
  • Have integrity, professionalism and are honest in all our dealings; and
  • Ensure our people succeed personally and professionally by living their own life plan.

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