Create Your Financial Framework

Our planning process is all about you. Providing guidance, education and empowerment around your financial life to achieve the goals and outcomes you want! We use this to help you create your financial decision making framework for life!

Exploration Appointment

  • We offer this 30-minute consultation as a meet and greet so you can get to know our financial advice process and one of our advisers to see if we are a fit for your personal situation.
  • During this appointment we will not provide any financial advice and will only generally discuss strategies and concepts.We use the following process to guide our conversations with clients around their money.
Your Money Story

‘Strategic’ Financial Action Plan

Initial Appointment

During this session we will guide you through our advice process and provide our professional insights into each area of your current financial setup.

Your Preparation

Before you come to meet with us, it is important that you prepare yourself by thinking about your financial and life goals we have a few tools to assist in this process. Forget dollars and cents for the moment and think about the Who, What, Where and When? We promise never to judge or ask Why? But we will ask questions to find out what your values are around money and what is important to you. We will also provide you with a ‘getting started’ questionnaire to help guide our discussions.

Summary of Appointment

Following your initial appointment with us we will provide you with a detailed summary of your appointment and the discussions along with any strategy or calculations which have been performed with your personalised action plan.

Quote for Further Advice and Setting Terms of Engagement

After the initial appointment, if further advice is required you will receive a quote on what the advice would cost you. You can then decide if you want to go ahead with a financial plan based on our terms of engagement.

From this point you may not require any more advice from us. For clients who are looking for ongoing strategic advice we will then use the following stages to prepare advice for you.

Preparation of Strategy Paper

Once we have an understanding about your situation and a good idea of your attitude to investment risk, security and different types of investments and you are comfortable with working with us, we will then develop a detailed strategy paper which will provide your different options and advice solutions along with the benefits and limitations of each. We will then regroup to discuss these and further tailor the advice to your needs.

Finally a written financial plan (Statement of Advice) will be prepared based on our further discussions, your ethical, moral beliefs around investment and your risk profile.

Statement of Advice Presentation

We will then present and explain the financial plan to you in person. Our goal is to ensure that you fully understand our recommendations, the benefits and potential risks and any limitations. This includes answering any questions or concerns you may have, no matter how many or how small.

We view this step as critical before any investments, accounts or funds are committed to any strategy.

Implementation of Recommendations

Once you are happy with the strategy, we can help you put it into practice. We will help you to complete the necessary forms and documents to implement the recommendations and our client service team will follow up this process to ensure a smooth transition and implementation.

Regular Review

The one guarantee which we can provide about every financial plan, no matter how carefully structured, is that is will be vulnerable to the effects of change.

Changes to your personal circumstances, changes in legislation, social security and taxation, as well as changes to the financial markets, can all affect your financial plan and its ability to achieve your goals.

If you are signed up to our ongoing advice service we will provide you with regular reviews and ongoing financial advice to ensure your plan remains on track.

At each review, we will revisit your goals and priorities in light of changing circumstances.