Exchange Traded Funds

For education on exchange traded funds also called ETF’s and Exchange Traded Commodities also called ETC’s, one of the the best places to begin is with the market operator itself, The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

moneymechanics. (and Scott Malcolm) through our membership of the Association of Independently Owned Financial Planners (AIOFP) is on the list of premium advisers who can receive referrals from the ASX to assist clients in starting their own direct equity portfolio.

The ASX have created a number of excellent interactive online classes, that have been structured to cover all aspects of the stock market and allow you to progress through all topics at your own pace, or select a particular topic of interest. These classes cover the essentials of investing in the stock market.

For your convenience, and with the kind permission of the ASX, we have listed these online classes below, and have provided the live links to each one. Simply click on the title of interest, and your away. This content was created and is owned by the ASX.

1. Introduction to Exchange Traded Funds

Get an overview of ETFs – their features, risks and benefits.
Estimated time to complete: 20mins.

2. What are Exchange Traded Funds?

A detailed course on the structure and strategies of ETFs.
Estimated time to complete: 20mins.

3. Buying, holding and selling Exchange Traded Funds

A practical course on investing in ETFs.
Estimated time to complete: 20mins.

4. Australian Based Exchange Traded Funds

This course covers the main segment of the ETF market – ETFs over Australian sharemarket indices.
Estimated time to complete: 20mins.

5. International Exchange Traded Funds

ETFs offer a convenient way to invest in overseas markets. Learn how they work.
Estimated time to complete: 20mins.

6. Exchange Traded Commodities

Exchange Traded Commodities – learn about their features, benefits and risks.
Estimated time to complete: 20mins.

7. Synthetic ETFs and Currency ETFs

Synthetic ETFs achieve their investment objectives with the aid of swaps. Currency ETFs allow you to trade the US/AUD relationship.
Estimated time to complete: 10mins.