Money Mechanics believes in the value of education and financial literacy. There is an array of jargon in the financial world and we aim to demystify this through conducting regular education programs.

These courses are run through various adult education programs and are also available for the workplace, industry groups or as a family seminar series. Money Mechanics can tailor these courses to your particular needs.

Training Workshops – we have designed and presented a range of half and full day workshops on topics to assist people to get the most out of their money and plan financially for the future.

We can present the following topics tailored to your workplace, community or sporting group:

  • Financial Planning Tasting Plate (introductory)
  • Super charge & Demystify your superannuation (intermediate)
  • Cash Flow Matters (Budgeting 101)
  • Financial Wellbeing Training (full day course)
  • Borrowing to invest into property or shares
  • Investment markets 101
  • Back Up planning (Risk management and Estate planning course)
  • Tailor your own topic (design a topic for presentation in your business)

Money Mechanics has a range of E-books available, including informative publications covering:

  • Budgeting
  • Borrowing to invest into property or shares
  • Cash-flow and debt management
  • Investments 101
  • Demystifying superannuation
  • Estate planning
  • Charitable trusts
  • Financial Planning for Public Servants

These workshops can be presented in a face-to-face environment, online using e-learning tools and via tele and web conferencing.


“Hi Scott I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your training course at CIT. Thank you also for answering my question afterwards. The course was very helpful and I learnt a lot on basic concepts and understand better in this field.”


“Hi Scott, Just a short note to say thanks for the seminars on Thursday. They were very good and “right on the money” as far as content and presentation were concerned, well done.”


“Engaging informative course I have already recommended it to others.”

“Scott is an amazing teacher and makes money not so scary. He knows his subject very well.”

“This course was very engaging and informative. I left feeling empowered and educated.”

“Scott is extremely well versed in finance. People can learn a great deal from him.”

“Dear Scott,

Thank you for your recent presentations that have been conducted at Comcare in Canberra, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Scott you made financial planning accessible, fun and simplified what can sometimes be a very dry topic. Our staff provided some great feedback and have continued discussions around financial wellbeing and the topics that were presented. Our staff particularly enjoyed the life planning and psychology of money components and elements of the course.

I would recommend these workshops to any manager wanting to assist their staff in being more financially savvy and have a greater insight to their financial wellbeing.”

Susan Read, Workplace Health and Safety Manager, Comcare