After a random invitation from someone, I went to a breakfast last week in Newcastle with a panel speaking about mental health and suicide awareness. We heard from representatives from Lifeline, LivingWorks, and Everymind.

They spoke about how what is going on for someone having thoughts of suicide is often misunderstood and how we can best talk about it. Even the smallest detail of the words we use stem from personal and community beliefs about suicide and affect suicide stigma. This can stop those having thoughts of suicide from opening up and maybe getting the support they need.


In our work people often come in carrying stress and anxiety around their finances.  Its important to hold a safe space for them to share. Knowing how you can do this well, is so important.

Just this week I had a client share that they’d had thoughts of suicide since we last met. It came up for them around feeling their situation had no hope of improving enough for a positive financial future.  This stuff is real for people.  Money is one of the few elements that has an effect on all aspects of your life. It can often have an involvement, if not be the main stress people are feeling under the pressure of.   Our work with clients can often assist in providing perspective around your money life.   This can result in less hopelessness and more empowerment around the money elements of your life.

In the wake of the recent Royal Commission into our own industry. Sadly we have seen the pressures of change being too much for some of our colleagues who have taken their lives. I feel it is important to know what you can say and do to support anyone choosing you to open up to. How many more are hurting and have had thoughts. Ahead for business is a great resource for small business.  To access support for their staff, their clients, and also themselves.

Something I was not aware of until this week was that Lifeline is now available via text if anyone finds that more comfortable an approach to reach out.  You can text 0477131114 (Australia) between 6 – 10pm which is currently in trial through Lifeline.

I encourage people to take time to do the training.  Find what you need to do to be able to connect people who are suffering, to some help they will accept.

If you are thinking about suicide or experiencing a personal crisis help is available.  Contact LifeLine 13 11 14.

About the Author:

Steve Martin is an Authorised Representative (ASIC No. 1251188) of Infocus Securities Australia Pty Ltd ABN 47 097 797 049 AFSL No. 236523.  Steve is a Registered Tax Practitioner (Financial Services) Tax Agent Number 25835129. Steve is a Certified Money Coach® (CMC) awarded by The Money Coaching Institute and has a passion for helping people with the subconscious and emotional reasons we don’t always do what we know we should with the money that flows through our lives. He is a Certified Financial Behavior Specialists® (FBS®) awarded by Financial Psychology Institute and has completed studies for a Graduate Certificate in Financial Psychology and Behavioural Finance with Creighton University in the US.