Direct Shares – ASX Online Education

For education on investing in or trading shares, one of the the best places to begin is with the market operator itself, The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

Money Mechanics (and Scott Malcolm) through our membership of the Association of Independently Owned Financial Planners (AIOFP) is on the list of premium advisers who can receive referrals from the ASX to assist clients in starting their own direct equity portfolio.

he ASX have created a number of excellent interactive online classes, that have been structured to cover all aspects of the stock market and allow you to progress through all topics at your own pace, or select a particular topic of interest. These classes cover the essentials of investing in the stock market.

Direct Shares
For your convenience, and with the kind permission of the ASX, we have listed these online classes below, and have provided the live links to each one. Simply click on the title of interest, and your away. This content was created and is owned by the ASX.

ASX has developed a range of online courses. These courses cover the essentials of investing in shares.

1. What is a share?


Learn about what a share is, what the sharemarket is and how you can buy and sell shares.

Estimated time to complete: 10mins.

2. Why and how to invest


Learning how to invest is an important skill.This course looks at the reasons people invest in shares, the main investment areas and how to start investing. Learn the key features of an investment plan including how to analyse the risk you are comfortable

Estimated time to complete: 10mins.

3. Risks and benefits of shares


Shares present benefits as well as risks. Learn about these important considerations as well as some insights into why share prices go up and down. Find out what dividends are and how franking credits work.

Estimated time to complete: 10mins.

4. What to consider in an investment


Evaluating investment opportunities is easier if you use a standard set of criteria to measure and compare them. This course looks at the main methods of investment evaluation.

Estimated time to complete: 15mins.

5. How to buy and sell shares


This course looks in detail at the process of buying and selling shares. It explores choosing a stockbroker, buying and selling shares, settlement of your trade, CHESS, and off-market transfer of shares.

Estimated time to complete: 15mins.

6. Trading simulation


It’s time to practise what you have learnt. Use this course to practice the steps in researching shares and placing orders to buy shares with your stockbroker.

Estimated time to complete: 15mins.

7. Record keeping


As an investor in the sharemarket you will need to follow some simple record keeping practices. This course steps you through this process. The course will also look at reading the financial press and describes the different types of shares that can be tr

Estimated time to complete: 15mins.

8. Market indices and market sectors


Keeping track of your share portfolio is easier if you understand the language of the sharemarket. This course describes what the All Ordinaries is and how to follow the market using the sharemarket indices.

Estimated time to complete: 15mins.

9. Sharemarket investment strategies


There are a number of different approaches to investing in the sharemarket. This course introduces the importance of understanding the sharemarket’s context in the broader economy. The course also details the pros and cons of investing directly or managed

Estimated time to complete: 15mins.

10. Fundamental analysis


Annual reports, balance sheet analysis, dividend yield, PE ratio – learning to assess a company’s financials is an important skill. This course introduces the concepts of fundamental analysis.

Estimated time to complete: 15mins.

11. Technical analysis


Every picture tells a story – sharemarket price charts can be a valuable tool for assisting your investment decisions. Technical analysis is the study of price charts. This course will introduce learners to different chart types, moving averages, support

Estimated time to complete: 15mins.